Hey, how's it going?  New and exciting things will be happening here!

All versions of "I.W.A.T.K.N." are now available on  This includes: Kindle ebook, Standard Print Book, Illustrated Version, Illustrated Monochrome Version, and the audiobook.  Many to choose from!  Pick the right one for you.
I have begun work on a new book series called: The Pine Hill Paranormal Series.  I'm about half way through writing the first book in this three book series.  It will be called "The Ghost Cave".  All three books are outlined already.  Spooky stuff!
Podcasts happening!​
You may find the first 12 episodes of my podcast "Book Author Ryon Ownbey's Podcast" on this website as well as on Spotify,, Pocket Casts, and Amazon Podcasts.  Further distribution to happen in the coming months!
Sequel to "I.W.A.T.K.N." called "I Was A Teenage Know Something" to be published in 2023

The story of "The Movie Theater Club" continues!